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We’re in the process of setting up an online store but in the meantime, if you’d like to place an order for pickup, you can do so via email at It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Browse through our product list and email us your order.

2. Once your order is confirmed, payment can be made via Interac e-transfer, Visa or Mastercard.

3. Pickup time is set up and then simply call us when you arrive and we’ll even bring your order to your car.

Below is our current pricing on available cheeses, cold cuts and sausages. Many other products are available as seen in the photos above. We also bring in fresh bread and buns daily from Gratia Bakery in Maple Ridge, German rye bread (and donuts and fritters) from Breka Bakery in Vancouver on Fridays and a variety of Polish bread and Polish donuts from Polonia Bakery in Surrey on Saturdays. We also carry frozen burek from Nana’s Bakery in Burnaby which we pick up weekly.

Cold Cuts

All Beef Salami $4.49/100g

Back Bacon $2.89/100g

Back Bacon Sopocka $3.59/100g

Beer Sausage $1.79/100g

Black Forest Ham $2.29/100g

Blood & Tongue $1.89/100g

Capicollo Hot $2.79/100g

Capicollo Smoked $2.49/100g

Cervelat Salami $2.99/100g

Chicken Parizer Bologna $2.09/100g

Cold Smoked Beef $4.99/100g

Cold Smoked Pork Loin $3.79/100g

Double Smoked Bacon $2.79/100g

Fetter Speck $1.69/100g

German Ham $2.29/100g

German Ham Sausage $1.99/100g

German Salami $3.19/100g

Genoa Salami Mild $3.19/100g

Gypsy Back Bacon $1.99/100g

Gypsy Salami $3.59/100g

Honey Maple Ham $2.29/100g

Hungarian Salami $2.99/100g

Hunter Sausage $1.79/100g

Irish Ham $2.49/100g

Jalapeno Chicken Breast $2.79/100g

Jellied Tongue $1.89/100g

Liver Sausage Coarse $1.59/100g

Liver Sausage Fine $1.59/100g

Liver Sausage Herbs $1.59/100g

Lwowska Salami $3.79/100g

Lyoner $1.79/100g

Mexican Salami $3.19/100g

Montreal Smoked Meat $2.89/100g

Mortadella $2.09/100g

Old Country Ham $2.29/100g

Old Fashioned Head Cheese $2.29/100g

Paprika Lyoner $1.79/100g

Pepper Salami $3.59/100g

Pastrami $2.89/100g

Polish Ham $2.29/100g

Polish Salami $2.09/100g

Roast Beef $2.89/100g

Schinkenspeck $3.99/100g

Smoked Chicken Breast $2.79/100g

Smoked Turkey $3.69/100g

Stuffed Bacon Roll $2.79/100g

Summer Sausage $1.79/100g

Szegedy Salami $1.99/100g

Thueringer Rotwurst $1.89/100g

Tiroler Bacon $2.89/100g

Whisky Thyme Maple Ham $2.49/100g

Wood Smoked Turkey Breast $3.69/100g





Chicken & Turkey w/Parsley $1.99/100g

Double Smoked Kaszubska $2.29/100g

Double Smoked Sausage $2.69/100g

European Wieners $2.19/100g

Garlic Swojska $2.29/100g

Honey Garlic Debrecyna $1.79/100g

Hungarian Sausage Hot $2.79/100g

Hungarian Sausage Mild $2.79/100g

Hunter Sausage $2.69/100g

Juniper Ham Ring $2.59/100g

Kabanos $2.59/100g

Kassler Chops $2.49/100g

Landjaeger $3.69/100g

Mini Cajna $3.29/100g

Pepperbeisser $3.59/100g

Pepperoni Honey Garlic $1.79/100g

Pepperoni $1.79/100g

Pepperoni Hot $1.79/100g

Pick Salami $5.59/100g

Polish BBQ $1.89/100g

Regular Garlic Sausage $1.89/100g

Smoked Spare Ribs $1.99/100g

Smoked Pork Hocks $1.49/100g

Smoked Pork Tenderloin $2.59/100g

Sremska Hot $3.19/100g

Sremska Mild $3.19/100g

Sudjuk $3.99/100g

Skvarkie $4.39/100g

Torunska $1.89/100g

Village Sausage Goralska $2.29/100g

Weisswurst $2.19/100g

Wine Chorizo $3.79/100g


Creamy Gorgonzola                     $4.99/100g

Danish Havarti $4.39/100g

Dziurawiec $3.29/100g

Emmental $3.29/100g

German Butter $3.39/100g

German Edam $3.29/100g

Goat Cheese $5.99/100g

Goat or Cow Feta Cheese $2.99/100g

Gouda Cumin $3.39/100g

Gouda Mild $3.39/100g

Gouda Smoked $3.39/100g

Gouda Spring Grass $3.39/100g

Krolewski $3.29/100g

Krolewski Smoked $3.29/100g

Polish Edam $3.29/100g

Prima Donna Parmesan $4.99/100g

Provolone $2.99/100g

Radamer $3.29/100g

Salami Cheese $3.29/100g

Sheep Cheese $5.99/100g

Smoked Mozzarella $3.69/100g

Sokol $3.29/100g

Tilsit Havarti $3.49/100g

Welsh Cheddar $5.59/100g

Zdenka Sport $3.29/100g

Zdenka Sport Smoked $3.29/100g

Zdenka Trapist Kashkaval $3.59/100g



Poppy Seed Ground $2.19/100g

Poppy Seed Whole $1.19/100g

Salted Herring $1.30/100g

Sauerkraut $0.79/100g

Sunflower Halva $0.89/100g

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